Rotary polyurethane doser, continuous turning or stop and go, manual or automatic dosing system, with mold holder for foot or pair per station, from 36 to 60 stations. The Star 300-MRP is an equipment that offers precision in dosing and flexibility in the process. Because it is rotating it has a higher productivity Equipment with a high level of technology and durability, made to process polyether polyurethanes or polyester.


  • Tanks of 250 liters each, with thermal oil circulation heating.

  • Automatic temperature control in tanks and hoses programmable via HMI.

  • Automatic refueling with minimum and maximum level control, with audible and visual alarm.

  • Digital pressure control of the material circulation lines, with programmable safety pressure that protects the equipment in case of excess pressure.

  • Automatic color selection for each season.

  • Possibility to increase or decrease the flow automatically in each season.

  • It has an automatic identification system for the station to be dosed.

  • Microprocessor CPU with digital HMI.

  • Dosage totalizer.

  • Dosage limiter to be carried out at stations.

  • Protection in the compressed air line, in case of pressure drop.

  • Cleaning of the mixer set is done manually, automatically or in an emergency that is triggered in the absence of electricity, avoiding the catalyst of the components in the mixer.


  • Mold holder for up to 36 stations.

  • Rapid matrix changing system.

  • Automatic opening and closing system.

  • Pneumatic feed for tweezers.

  • Heating in the rings or die caps.

  • Coloramas of up to 04 colors.

  • Material heating tanks for 2, 3 or 4 raw material drums .

  • Troller.

  • Column Shaker.

  • Sink meter.

  • Trolley for handling material drums.

  • Cooling units


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