Our History

1989. Foundation

Sulpol, founded in 1989 by Gilberto Alves da Silva, had as main purpose the manufacture of injection molding machines for polyurethane. By combining the industrial support of his other company (Fratec - Industry of components for imported equipment) with the mechanical technical know-how, it was possible to create its own technology to produce PU injection molding machines. In the same year, Sulpol is successful and points to a promising future.

1994. First export

In 1994, the first export of equipment (injector for PU) with Sulpol technology is carried out. Thereafter, exports take place successively, making the Sulpol brand a benchmark for quality and productivity in the Latin American market.

1999. Expansion

In 1999, 10 years after its founding, the entire forecast was confirmed. Aiming to serve the most diverse segments of the industry (footwear, automobiles, furniture, refrigeration, shipbuilding, thermal insulation, toys, among others), there is an expansion of its physical area, an increase in the number of employees and models of injectors. Consequently, the Sulpol brand is strengthened and gains greater coverage both in the national and international markets.

2001. Thermoplastics Line

Always attentive to market movements, focusing on the needs of its customers, in 2001 Sulpol developed the line of injection molding machines for thermoplastics, mono and bi-colors. Built with a high technological standard aiming at greater productivity and performance with less energy consumption.

2004. Line of injection molding machines for large automotive industries

In 2004, the high visibility of the Sulpol brand and its genuinely Brazilian DNA, provided the great opportunity to supply a complete line of equipment for large industries in the automotive market. With this, projects with special needs started to be part of our daily lives, opening the opportunity for a strong investment in our creation and development sector, further expanding our capacity for innovation.

2005. 100% National Elastomer Technology

In 2005, Sulpol launches the first equipment for injection of elastomeric polyurethane with 100% national manufacturing, design and technology.
Elastomeric polyurethane, a high-cost raw material with no possibility of recycling, had a high rate of loss in its manual processing, and the equipment, only imported, had a very high value and with no financing possibilities, making it impossible to acquire it.
From this event onwards, national manufacturers with the support of BNDES financing, PROGER URBANO among others, were able to make their projects viable, promoting business by increasing productivity and reducing waste in their processes.

2007. Quality Certificate

In 2007, another major event considerably expands Sulpol's capacity to attend special projects. Its partner, Fratec Industrial Mecânica Ltda, started activities in the heavy machining process, increasing the possibilities for absorption of large projects. With that, Sulpol starts the process of searching for opportunities in several segments.

In the same year, the company achieved quality certification for the first time, beginning a great phase of improvement of its products and services, betting on the training of its employees and the continuous improvement of its processes.

Also in 2007, Sulpol started a strong partnership with a traditional Asian company for the sale of horizontal equipment for thermoplastics throughout the national territory. With competitive prices and high technology, it started its first sales and the return could not have been better. Customer and user satisfaction was very positive, reinforcing its efforts to remain firm in this new market.

2008. Great Results

Nothing better than starting 2008 receiving the Launches FIMEC award, one of the largest and main fairs in the world for machines and components for the footwear market, where Sulpol presented equipment that innovated the application of products for the footwear line, standing out at the event.

That same year, investments made in Fratec started to pay off and Sulpol supplies large lines for the manufacture of vehicle seats and backs for the automotive market. Multinational companies that previously only had international suppliers now also have the opportunity to set up their lines with a national partner with all the advantages of this new option, including financing subsidized by the Brazilian government.

2011. Launch of dosing device for DCPD

In 2011, in perfect harmony with its slogan “Technology in constant motion”, Sulpol launched first-hand the equipment for injection of DCPD (Diciclopentadiêno). An innovative product that revolutionized the heavy-duty automotive industry, as well as other markets.

And also, as it could not be otherwise, Sulpol was again awarded at FIMEC for the launch of its new rotary equipment for injection of expanded thermoplastics, Centauro.

Sulpol does not stop there, it increasingly seeks to expand its technology, developing new equipment for alternative materials, providing its customers with traditional quality, reliability and productivity. Year after year Sulpol has been progressively prospering as a company, opening new markets and consolidating its brand both nationally and internationally.


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