Low pressure equipment, with dynamic mixer, developed to work with Polyurethane, Polyether or Polyester, for the production of flexible foam, integral, rigid or semi-rigid skin. It meets the needs of several sectors of the industries: automobiles, refrigeration, furniture, civil construction, orthopedic, sports, among others.


  • High-precision volumetric gear pumps.

  • 60 liter tanks.

  • Automatic refueling.

  • Agitator in the tanks.

  • Stainless steel cleaning solvent tank.

  • Microprocessed PLC with digital touch screen HMI.

  • Cycles and parameters for equipment operation, programmable via HMI.

  • Individual flow control and relationship regulation via PLC.

  • Digital control of circulation line pressures, with alarm.

  • Cleaning of the mixer set is carried out manually or automatically.

  • Pneumatically operated emergency cleaning system in the absence of electricity.

  • High performance compact dosing head.

  • Actuating buttons, strategically positioned, which allow operation without taking your hand off the head movement handle.

  • Special hoses to work with different expanding agents.

  • Electrical cabinet category IP 54, with sealing and safety locks, complete and fixed to the equipment structure.

  • Flow rates available from 1 to 300 Kg / minute.


  • Working ratio between 1: 1 to 5: 1.

  • Flowmeter.

  • Heat exchanger in the materials return line.

  • Tanks with a capacity greater than 60 liters.

  • System for cleaning the mixer assembly by hot water.

  • Mixer with variable speed between 5,000 and 12,000 RPM.

  • Carousel, presses, mats, mold holder, mold heating unit and special dosing devices.

  • Air dryer.


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