SULPOL ELASTOMACH is a series of low pressure machines, with flexible configurations and easy operation, for dosing different types of elastomeric polyurethanes available on the market.
Each year the number of applications with elastomeric polyurethanes increases. Mechanical properties, such as: hardness, abrasion resistance and elasticity, provide results like few materials. The strict control necessary for processing these raw materials is found in the SULPOL® ELASTOMACH series. The equipment complies with all the technical requirements necessary to provide productive efficiency and quality in the final product.


  • Production of up to 150kg per minute

  • Available in 2, 3 or 4 tanks

  • Tanks with a capacity of up to 1000 liters

  • Agitators in the prepolymer tank

  • Temperatures up to 150 ° C

  • Vacuum replacement system

  • Up to 4 additional components (Pigments / Additives / Catalysts)

  • Solvent tank

  • Dynamic mixing head

  • Precision gear pumps

  • Electronic heating control

  • Electronic pressure control

  • Everything controlled by PCL

  • Color touch screen

  • Built-in vacuum pump

  • automatic degassing

  • Preheat configuration

  • Alarm management

  • Spill Schedule

  • Alarm management

We are a family owned and operated business.


  • Direct pigment injection line

  • Direct injection line of additives / catalysts

  • Digital electronic control of nitrogen insertion

  • Digital electronic control of nitrogen insertion

  • Stainless steel tanks

  • Adjustable mixer speed

  • Volumetric flow meter

  • Pump rotation control

  • More components in the mixing heads.

  • Special stirrers

  • Reactors

  • Pre-mix stations

  • Automation system for mixing head


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